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Whilst we try to re home all our animals quickly there are always some for whom this is not possible due to medical, behavioural or unpopularity of breed problems. These animals cost some £200 per month to keep and there are often heavy additional costs such as vets fees, special food and behaviourist’s fees etc. These are a significant drain on our limited resources. We continue to give these unfortunate animals the same love and attention as all our residents whilst trying to bring to the public’s attention as much as possible.

If you feel you could sponsor one of residents for as little as £10 per month it would be of enormous benefit to either the animal and to Danaher. Alternatively you may feel you would rather give us a “one off” lump sum of £50 or more.

To sponsor one of these animals all you have to do is click on the “Please Sponsor Me” button next to the animals photo, complete the form and click on the email button to send it back. Alternatively complete the form here and click the email button in the form which will email it to us alternatively, please send back to:

RSPCA Danaher Animal Home,

Thorley Farm,

Hedingham Road,





If you wish to make a one off donation by credit card you may also do it on line via Everyclick here or the Everyclick logo on this page.

In return we will send you regular reports on the progress of your animal hopefully ending with its re homing. In addition we will send you a personalised certificate with a picture of your animal.

When the animal is re homed we will invite you to sponsor another needy animal but we will fully understand if you do not wish to.

This could also make a great birthday or Christmas present for a friend or relative, we will send a special birthday or Christmas card from the animal being sponsored to the recipient of the gift. If you would like any further information please let us know by writing to the above address or emailing

In addition to animal sponsorship we have many other ways of supporting Danaher which may be found by clicking on the donations button on the home page or in our current leaflet which is available from either the above email address or one of the charity shops.