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Information about Danaher........

Who are we

The Danaher Animal Home is an independent charity which is affiliated to and works closely with the RSPCA but is Entirely Self Funding. Initially the site was provided by Mr and Mrs Fred Danaher to the local RSPCA branch which opened in 1990. This branch did not have the resources to maximise the benefits of the site so a trust (RSPCA Danaher Animal Home for Essex) was setup in 1994 to regulate the home. In 2006 the assets of the trust were transferred to a company limited by guarantee - the RSPCA Danaher Animal Home which now owns the whole site and all the assets standing on it.

How we help

The Home takes in unwanted animals (principally dogs, cats and small domestic animals) from the general public in Essex normally via the RSPCA branches and animal homes in London where demand always exceeds capacity. In addition it takes in animals from RSPCA inspectors - these animals are normally the subject of cruelty cases and are often in a very poor condition. We also take in strays normally via Braintree District Council, on the rare occasions spare capacity arises animals (mainly dogs) will be taken from other areas of the country where homes can rarely meet demand.

The home then provides a temporary refuge for these animals, where they are assessed, treated by our vets, cared and nursed by our staff and volunteers and then the vast majority are rehomed.

We have a neutering policy for all animals, there is also an approved euthanasia protocol for those few animals that are not safe to be rehomed.

Developments at the home

The home has expanded over the years, these include:

The re-homing kennel block was rebuilt and opened in August 2007 thanks principally to a large legacy from Mrs Danaher.  The old Assessment Block, which was deteriorating rapidly, was demolished in 2008 and has been rebuilt but with 32 kennels in place of the current 16 giving the Home a total capacity of 70 dogs.  The new kennels which were completed in August 2008 are not only of immense benefit to the dogs but also significantly improve the staff working conditions.

Community Support

Contacts have been developed with both local community projects and schools, with the assistance of the councils and social services. Mencap also visit the site to use the education facility and to provide their students the opportunity to work with the animals alongside their tutors and the animal care assistants.


The home relies on income from donations, rehoming, grants, legacies, the success of our two shops in Braintree and Witham  and funds raised by an active “Friends” organisation. In addition volunteers help with many tasks by assisting the dedicated and hard working staff with the animals, maintaining the facilities and working in the office and shops.